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Being one of the most sought-after services, we at Top Quality Painters have the best to provide our clients with, including multiple re-sheeting jobs as well. Now this is something most other companies simply cannot boast of, but here we are. The moment you give us a call, our team of esteemed experts will see to all of your needs in no time at all. 

Apart from several services and goods, the aspect of Interior exterior plaster and its provision is precisely what we excel in the most. Additionally, a plastering job of any size and amount of work is no fear for us and you can count on our team in every way possible. To get a better idea of how we work as well as our quotes and the related system, do get in touch with us at the very earliest and we shall sort everything out for you in a systematic manner.

Interior & Exterior Plaster Specialists Auckland

Among all the related services, trusted interior and exterior plaster services are the hardest to find. Not to say that there are little to no services out there, but most of them end up doing an extremely shoddy job, leading to further work and expenses down the line. You will be relieved to know that we do not fall into that category and have a history of complete customer satisfaction all across the board.

With regard to all of our specialists under our wing, you are more than welcome to have a casual chat with them first to find out the details of their work and how to go about working with them at every intimate detail. Whether it is the urgent need of an Interior exterior plaster or anything else, they will get it done.


  • Free itemized house painting quote
  • Qualified plasterers dedicated to quality workmanship
  • Quick turnaround times for small and large jobs
  • Quality materials sourced from reputable suppliers
  • Removal of all rubbish and dust from site

We Specialise in All Aspects of Residential Painting

Our plasterers are qualified professionals that understand the importance great plastering has on a painting project.

Our team of plasterers will tackle plastering projects of any size and work in seamlessly with our painting services to ensure a perfect final result.


At Top Quality Painters, client satisfaction is at the top of our priority list. Among other aspects of our service, we understand that maintaining complete transparency with our clients is critical to ensuring satisfaction. To that end, all our clients and customers are provided with a detailed quote for our service. Each quote contains itemised information. Meaning, if, for example, a customer asks for a quote for interior and exterior plaster, they will receive a quote that highlights the individual price for each service. Similarly, if a customer asks for a quote for painting services, it will include separate quotes for plastering, and interior and exterior painting.


The quality of plaster and the workmanship that goes into applying the plaster on your walls can play a decisive role in the final outcome of an interior or exterior painting project. In other words, interior and exterior plastering is perhaps the most important aspect of a paint job and should be taken very seriously. This is why you need a qualified and experienced pro from Top Quality Painters for your interior and exterior plaster application needs.


At Top Quality Painters, we don’t just offer expertise of experienced professionals, we offer much more. Being an established and sought after brand that has been in the painting and interior and exterior plaster business for several years, we are also equipped with the technology, tools, and most importantly, the manpower needed to deliver astonishingly quick turnaround times on the projects we undertake.


While the quality of workmanship in interior and exterior plaster application holds critical importance in the whole process, the significance of using high quality materials cannot be overlooked. At Top Quality Painters, we believe in using the top quality materials for every job. For a job like plastering, where the plaster will act as a foundation for the paint, we ensure that we are using the very best quality plaster available to make sure our clients get the finish they paid for.


In our bid to provide our customers with top quality everything, including service standards, we make sure that our experts don’t leave behind dust or rubbish in their wake. At Top Quality Painters, we understand the importance of presentation and make sure whatever space we work on, we leave it better than how we found it.


“You have done a great job Rami and your team is superb my family is so happy with your work your colour choice to our is perfect thanks for your tremendous service.”


“This is the second job the boys from Top quality painters have done for me. Awesome work every time! Quoted right, the time frame to finish was bang on, no nonsense from the painters. Couldn’t recommend these guys enough. Well done!”


Great service begins and ends with an experienced and friendly professional, so contact us 0800 796 900 and we are happy to assist you.

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